• Use of plastisol coated steel ensures long lifespan and very good antiscratch/wear properties.
  • With a one piece lath the PU insulation is bonded to the outer skin ensuring a very strong lath.
  • The design of our lath ensures that the profile rolls into a much smaller roll than other two piece laths, which is good news for applications where space is limited.
  • We have available a extruded bottom slat with rubber extruded profile to seal the door to floor.
  • A unique extruded aluminium profile for attaching the top lath to the barrel is of great benefit, it allows a bolt to be welded to tube and the extruded profile conceals the head of bolt to avoid damaging the laths when rolling around the tube.
  • 95mm side guides are also produced by ourselves which have holes pre-punched for fitting and two plastic extruded brush carriers are pushed onto the profile to ensure a very quiet operation.
  • Standard plastisol colours will be available but special colours can be produced subject to minium quantities.